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dooyoo! Pandora review

You’ll never shop for clothes anywhere else again

Date: 17/06/00, updated on 06/07/00 (1,300 review reads)


Advantages: Perfect staff, unbelievable bargains

Disadvantages: A little crowded sometimes

If you go to London in the near future, pop over to Pandora’s. It’s a dress agency tucked away near Harrods (just across the road, at 16 Cheval Place). Use Knightsbridge tube.

I have never been in a shop so much like heaven. Who *are* these people who buy such a lot of designer stuff and then get rid of it having worn it once or not at all?

The shop is packed full of clothes rails; it’s very maze-like inside. Clothes are split into sections; suits, tops, evening wear, coats, that sort of thing. But unlike most dress agencies, where the clothes on show are old, worn and were cheap to start with, all of the stuff here is less than 3 years, old, in perfect condition (they don’t accept anything that’s not), and from a designer label.

You will make savings on clothes that will make your eyes bleed. I got an unworn pair of Gucci stiletto mules for $40 a month or so ago. All the clothes, shoes and accessories are labeled with their original price, the shop they came from, the season they were new in and other salient information.

The staff know their stock intimately, and can pick you out something that’ll suit you perfectly. Recently I went with my Mum, and we came out with a perfect Versace dress (I thought I hated Versace until the lovely sales lady dug this one out for me), a Chanel suit for Mum and a long Chanel woolen jacket that we’re sharing.

Often you’ll find something that’s new this season; I got a pair of Blumarine fringed jeans which were still in the shops for about a quarter the original price.

If you’re particularly tiny you’ll do especially well at Pandora’s; they have a great deal of size 8 and 6 stuff that’s absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think I know anyone that thin. Their human being-sized selection’s great too, though.

Check this place out next time you need a posh frock. You won’t be disappointed.


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