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The rising stars in the fashion industry.

Top Designer Brands for 2019 You Should Look Out For

All of us are always on the lookout to fill up our wardrobe. Numerous designers and fashion houses know how to entice us with their latest collections. And this 2019, some of the most popular brands continue to generate buzz and become the talk of the town for this year’s upcoming trends.

But 2019 also has something new to offer. There are plenty of up-and-coming talents that may go under the radar. So if you want a great discovery, make sure to check out the rising stars in the fashion industry.


From Harry Styles becoming its “new face” to Jared Leto and Donald Glover at the Oscars,

Gucci has done nothing but dazzle the fashion world in 2018. So it’s no surprise that, in 2019, their sales continue to go up. Young and affluent Italians adore the brand and Millennials all over the world mention Gucci in hashtags across various social media platforms.

Gucci persists in producing innovative, avant-garde pieces in the fashion world. Thanks to CEO Marco Bizzari and creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci has brought out some of the best digital marketing campaigns.


Due to the popularity of Bella Hadid, Chanel has found its way into the minds of young fashion lovers. Among many other celebrities, the 22-year old model has sported the brand and brought the logo into the spotlight once again.

Though a long-time iconic name in the fashion industry, Chanel has drawn more attention from the older crowd. Many older fashionistas still don Vintage Chanel suits, a trend that continues to thrive today. In recent years, however, younger celebrities are keeping the brand alive and continues to do so this 2019.

Calvin Klein

As one of the brands that launched the 90s career of Cindy Crawford, Calvin Klein has also brought Kaia Gerber into the runway, making young fashionistas continue in appreciating the brand and its New York-bred style. Calvin Klein proceeds to bring out new ways to let the youth express themselves through fashion by taking cues from American pop culture.

In spite of Belgian designer Raf Simmons resigning in late 2018, the brand is confident of their future. Calvin Klein has recently stopped their collection business, seeing that it was no longer necessary for their marketing. But with its name deeply rooted in celebrities and youth culture, 2019 remains a hopeful year for C.K.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden has resurrected his “Slinky” platform sandals in partnership with Urban Outfitters. This reincarnation of the iconic 90s platform footwear is set to capture the eye of Millennials. And since many other 90s trends are making a comeback, we couldn’t be any happier with this one.

Though not as big as the ones above, Steve Madden is definitely an underrated yet iconic contender for 2019. Not only do they offer platform sandals, but young fashionistas can also check out their gorgeous platform sneakers as well.


The Italian footwear brand Superga has reinvented a 100-year old design with their classic 2750 Cotu Classic using contemporary features. These sleek yet staple sneakers have attracted celebrities and fashionistas. Among them is British royalty Kate Middleton who has even been spotted sporting a pair.

For those who aren’t a fan of sneakers, Superagas are a great choice: they look traditional sneakers but are more refined. Women simply find them chic, unique, and stylish. With numerous styles to choose from, it’s easy to discover a pair of white sneakers that could match any outfit for 2019.


About the writer;

Kris Trecer is a freelance writer and loves to go on travels.  She is called Krissy by her family and close friends. Moreover, she is an animal lover, aspiring fashionista and a fan of Hello Kitty. On weekends, Kimberly likes to go on cafés to write or read books. In fact, it is through writing that she is able to share her thoughts and ideas and is currently working towards starting her own lifestyle blog.

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